Prynce Cortel, So High


Shawn M. Slater Jr, Prynce Cortel, decided to pursue a career in music when he was in the prime of his adolescence at 16. Music had always been a part of his life, his father rapped when he was a kid as well as other family members who showed love for the art. Influenced by Wayne, Wale, and Tyga, he strives to bring to the table his own style and charisma to every song he does.

Prynce has affiliations with BSE, a rap group based in his home town, and is a member of Jeffery The Artist’s TRiiiBE movement. With 5 mixtapes that broke 1K throughout his career and his latest success with his album The New Guy reaching 2K on Soundcloud, it’s apparent that Prynce has a lot to say and will stop at nothing to show his vision to the world. His song “Roam Around” featuring David Mitchell from his crew Slacker Gang also reached 10.1K.

Currently Prynce has an upcoming show at Skully’s Music Diner in his home town of Columbus, OH. He also announced that he is now working on a sequel to his project Slacker Radio, a release date as yet to be announced, and the video to his single “Deserve It” is in the process of shooting.

Soundcloud: cortelslater

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