Prophet, Midwest Hustle

Rude Boy

What is a “baller?” Prophet is a baller for real. Baller Status isn’t about money, cars, or women. When it comes to it it’s all about respect, honor, and loyalty. Ballin’ is living life to the fullest and doing only what you want to. If people want to shake your hand do well for you and give respect for who you are and what you represent; then you are a Baller. Become a leader not a follower. Create your own rules and be your own boss.

Prophet is an artist that goes beyond anything you’ve ever heard. His creativity, hustle, and innovation knows no limits. From the beginning music was always a part of this young artist’s life. Growing up with separated parents, Prophet spent days consisting of visiting one grandmother to the other. Throughout this experience he became very in tune with old school music and the feelings it arose.

When 17, Prophet finally decided to chase his passion full time and he’s never looked back. Prophet’s first project was the “Midwest Hustle” EP that released on April 16th, 2014. Since then he has been developing his sound and image that will be re-released onto the music society. Other than music, Prophet has been working to become a photographer, model, entrepreneur, and producer. Time will only tell what happens with this young artist.

Official website:
Instagram: @new_age_don
Twitter: @newagedon

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