Prizzer, The Year of the God

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Nazier Escobar George, better known as “Prizzer” is an up and coming rapper, producer, and aspiring actor from the mountains of Tobyhannah, and raised in the projects of Jesup, Pennsylvania. Ever since the young age of three Prizzer has had a deep passion for music, and knew that he wanted to make his life about music, following his family’s tradition.

When Prizzer turned 8 he was moved from Pennsylvania to Jefferson, Georgia then to Lithonia, Georgia at the age of 9. This was where he learned how to play his first instrument, the guitar. After living in Lithonia for some years his mother and father separated and Prizzer stayed with his mother and uncle and then his grandfather. After a series of moving back and forth they moved to the Projects of Charleston, South Carolina. Being there Prizzer had many new problems, much like the ones he seen back in Jessup, just to young to experience them. From guns to Prizzer’s head to him hustling to keep food in the house, he knew that if things didn’t change, he wouldn’t make it to the age of 16.

In 2011 he recorded his first song using Audacity (Audio Editor), making the beat in Fl Studio. After using his webcam as a microphone, Prizzer was finally able to buy a cheap studio mike and stand to record with, spending months at a time locked in his room making songs. While others we’re out chillin, Prizzer was inside building his empire. With time Prizzer grew popularity, from a beginning struggling artist with 20 views on a Youtube video, to an artist with 30k+ to even spiking half a million views. He is quickly on his way to the top, and has left the hood. Prizzer is releasing a new mixtape, 98″ Year of a God, on August 27th, an E.P., and an album with a fan base of thousands. Its very clear that nothing is stopping him from reaching his thrown at the top.

Check out Prizzer at and on SoundCloud at

Prizzer – F.L.O.A.T.

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