Port-Au-Prince Napz, Liberte


“I fell in love with the whole aesthetic of expressing yourself through these different art forms, but rapping took a hold on me the way it spoke to me.”

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and raised in Boston, MA is music artist Port-Au-Prince Napz whose passion for the craft comes across vividly in his recordings. Napz took a strong interest to Hip Hop while visiting his mother in Brooklyn, New York and being a witness to the culture of Hip Hop left a big impression that he would never be able to shake off. Music became his favorite past time, although he did not make up his mind to pursue it professionally until later.

After years of being on and off into music, Napz finally decided to pursue music on a professional level. He interned with a local record label doing promotion work to learn the business. Napz realized he loved the music but didn’t feel the same towards the industry. Although the love for the music business wasn’t there, the passion for the art never wavered. After numerous setbacks and life in general veering his goal off course, he always made sure he found his way back. He’s now focused, determined, and passionate as ever to create the best art he possibly can.

In the midst of building a team that can support and mobilize the movement, Napz has also been hard at work creating his debut project “Liberte.” The focus while creating the project was making sure he created music people can feel. The name “Liberte” is French for Liberty and Napz chose the name to represent being free, free to express yourself how you feel and free from the pre-conceived notion of what it’s supposed to be.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/portauprince-napz

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