Porsha & Mercedes, Female Empowerment


Queens born and raised in Long Island, New York, Porsha & Mercedes are a new yet classic Hip Hop sensation. Within the last few years, they have decided to share their gifts with the music community and the response has been sensational. According to Yo Raps Magazine: “Making music about and sensual topics, Porsha and Mercedes will be greater than a gimmick to sell songs.”

Before realizing their skill and love for lyricism and flow, Porsha was getting ready for law school and Mercedes had plans of going to medical school. After Porsha convinced Mercedes to pursue music, the choice has proven right with their first song “In Love With Me” gained 1 million views on YouTube.

Porsha & Mercedes are not exactly wholesome “girls next door” types, but they are exactly the strong, determined female role models the world needs right now; making great professional strides and growing their fanbase daily. They pride themselves on staying true to who they are.

Spate Magazine was among the first to cover their story, stating, “They have what it takes to be successful in the game.  Beauty is not the only thing they have in their favor.  They actually have some talent on the mic.”

Learn more about Porsha & Mercedes on their Official Artist Website.

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