Pocahontas Is Ready To Launch Her Businesses

Pocahontas’ starting to leave an imprint in the music industry. Through her devotedness to music, the diligent artist offers cutting edge songs and lyrics. As a music artist as well as an entrepreneur, don’t be surprised to see Pocahontas in the biggest publications. Only highlight reel type of work can be expected from this emerging artist.

This Virginia based American singer/songwriter, music producer, and musician has unique styles that include r&b, pop, and country. With such a small voice, she has the ability to create beautiful harmonic melodies and to be versatile her sound with dynamic vocals. Since her early teens Pocahontas has traveled to do major talent auditions where she was selected for talent agencies such as Liquid Talent, Starz2Be Agency, Barbizon, and even Disney Channel. It wasn’t until she was 17 that she started her career as a songwriter.

Now Pocahontas has two music companies, R.M.M.I.A Industries and VILD Songwriting Agency. She goes on to say, “I worked very hard to manage and maintain it on my own. My career highlights are working with different music labels, agencies, and music publishing companies. My upcoming projects and goals are to continue writing lyrics for big time artist or unsigned artists, and launching my music businesses so they can take off. I want my music to make a difference and change the world.”

Official website: www.songbay.co/artists/15874

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