Play Makaz, Right Back Into It


Besides being born and raised in the rough streets of Southeast Chicago together, the unsigned group Play Makaz are actually blood related. In 2011 the three artists Drizzay, Mike Ball, and City started taking their career seriously after they found themselves investing into their craft such as paying for videos, studio equipment, and cutting back on outside “activities” so that they could focus more on music. Their passion for music has grown since they first started, but they slowed down in late 2012 and early 2013 due to some illegal actions.

Mike Ball and Drizzay ended up beating that case around mid 2013 and with that being done they jumped right back into the studio with City working on some new projects. They didn’t really put any music out in 2014 but are currently working on their first mixtape, “First Quarter” and the mixtape will be dropping sometime in 2015. There’s no official date yet due to lack of promotion and no dependable management.

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