Pistola Ave, Heaven Bound


Pistola Ave is a rap group hailing out of the south side of Brisbane, Australia. Made of up Danny Escobar, Paulee Valentine, and Chong Ali, they are best known for their previous work under the name EMR. After the local success of their album Elevate in 2011 and the consistent nationwide radio play of their soulful hit “How It Used To Be,” the time had come for their music and message to grow.

Drawing from a wider range of influences and allowing themselves wider creative horizons, Pistola Ave are rebirthed and are experimenting with different producers and collaborating with artists from different genres.

Their latest release Heaven Bound has garnered support from their community through local radio which in turn has been getting the attention of listeners both nationally and internationally. You can purchase their music on Bandcamp and be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep track of their progress.

Soundcloud: @pistola_ave


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