Phoenix Soul, Penciltips And Pearls

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Gypsy soul singer and usher of vibes, Phoenix Soul is an eclectic soul artist whose spirit transcends the stage. “A powerful being that is reborn from the descent that left her in ashes in a previous existence, this is the underlining spirit of Phoenix Soul. One only has to pause for a moment to be inspired by this angelic source. The beauty in her tone, feeling, and message would bring any non-believer to their knees. Her poetic view of the world will help re-shape, re-structure, revitalize your dark schemata. To embrace her voice is to invite change, gratitude, and hope. Come listen. Be reborn!” surmises Kelly Bell from The Kelly Bell Band when speaking about Phoenix Soul.

As an established background singer, Phoenix Soul performed with such acts as Navasha Daya (formerly of Fertile Ground), Cclear, Marcell and the Truth, and The Kelly Bell Band. In addition to live performances with these acts, she’s featured on The Kelly Bell Bands Live CD and DVD recordings from 2007 and 2015 as well as several new releases by local hip hop and folk artists. Performing on the Capital Jazz Supercruise in 2012 with Navasha Daya was definitely a highlight as well.

Phoenix Soul’s upcoming EP Penciltips And Pearls is what she’s currently focused on releasing. She has also released the single and video for “Be Free” from the above mentioned EP. To follow up the video release, she’s working on two more vides to accompany songs from the EP.

Official website:
Soundcloud: phoenixsoul

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