Phoenix Derap Godd, Just Another Mixtape


Corey Abernathy, Phoenix Derap Godd, born in Trenton, NJ February 25th, 1992 and raised in Plainsboro, NJ, was an All American Athlete in track & field before discovering his musical talent. He decided to pursue his music career when he realized that sports was not his full interest anymore after his first semester at college. After jokingly making music he came back to his hometown with the unexpected dream to become a great musician.

Starting off with his first mixtape, “The Local Legend,” with the artist name Top-Notch, his debut wasn’t as flashy as he would have expected. He later spent 3 years under that name perfecting his sound, then made the tough decision to change his name, but little did he know that it would be the best decision of his life.

Now at the age of 22 Corey blindsided everyone with his new name, Phoenix Derap Godd, and the unique sound that he provided with it. Dropping his debut mixtape, “Just Another Mixtape” on DatPiff and on SoundCloud, he got the buzz he was looking for. Now he’s working on an EP. Phoenix is ready to take the world on and show everyone (even the labels) that he’s the next in line for Hip Hop.

Learn more about Phoenix on his Official Facebook Page.

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