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The avenues of philosophy that lead us to self-awareness can take us to amazing output and self-discovery. The windy city itself is the setting for this talented artist who also is a master chef behind closed doors. With an endless amount of activities to enjoy, wonderful views and tons of diversity, this is where he hails from, and cooks up his individual blend of rhyme.

Hailing Chicago as “truly one of the greatest places to visit in the US,” Philosopha is a man of all season, who prefers things to not stay the same. His most influential albums that get him in a creative mode are “ATliens” by Outkast, Jay Z’s “Black Album,” and 50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Trying.” From colossal presentation to grand scales sound, they helped shape the creativity and prowess that Philosopha carries on stage and in the studio.

The journey that an artist has to create a signature sound is shaped by the influences that inspire him and the producers that provide the soundtrack to his voice. Philosopha hails from Maywood, a rough area outside the Westside of Chicago. Artists like Andre 3000, Bun B., and 8ball and MJG inspired Philosopha to make street music that still maintained lyrical creativity.

Philosopha met the two main architects of his sound at Noise Gate Studio. There he linked up with his producers Law Beatz and Zoemane who nurtured his talent and challenged him with creative beats. Alongside producers like Trill Gates and Dave the King, Law Beatz and Zoemane, they all provided Philosopha with a sound that is fresh and new. Philosopha strives to give his fans hard hitting “Dope Music” that allows fans a fun escape from life’s troubles.

With an outlook on society that things are getting better instead of worse, and that we are generally propelling toward the right direction, he is working on material that will show the masses his unique blend of rhyme and talent. His favorite local artist is Mickey Dollaz who paints a very unique picture of what the people of Chicago go through every day.

Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar are some of his favorite performers, for their energy and sheer charisma on stage. Philosopha never wants to go through the motions to try to get some quick cash. His goal is to have his passion reach everyone from the inner city to across the globe. With “Dope Music” and “Streets of Chicago v3,” he showed that he was ready to step up and perform with wit and mastery, and in the days to come will preside over his craft like a champ.

True philosophy is deep and there’s nothing like knowing that you can reach multitudes with your words and inspiration. Philosopha is holding down his game and ready to make more moves on stage and mp3 format, all of which will be noticed heavily and hailed from the music lovers in Chicago and far, far beyond.

Learn more about Philisopha on his Official Artist Website.

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