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Jason Pagan, Phenom, CEO of So Phenomenal Entertainment LLC, was born in the birthplace of Hip-Hop: Bronx, New York. He was exposed to music at an early age. Whereby, his passion and creativity grew throughout his years. Jason was first introduced to music when he met a producer through his older sister. The producer taught him how to compose beats which was the seed that contrived plenty of fruit in Jason’s career. After being initially taught the art of producing music, Jason continued to practice for the following months. Eventually, he began to freestyle over the beats he created. These free flowing styles evolved and he began songwriting. At the young age of 14, Jason emerged into the stage persona Phenom.

Phenom began producing for many local artists and decided to branch out into rapping and songwriting. Consequently, Phenom put together his own team of talented artists and Team So Phenomenal was born. Aboard Team So Phenomenal were two artists Oz and Jovanna. Oz is an artist from the South Bronx who initially began writing poetry and developed into a rapper with a captive flow. Jovanna is a beautiful R&B singer/songwriter that hails from the Bronx whose vocals blend in with promise to carry her and So Phenomenal to high achievements. Together, these artists have performed throughout New York City for vendors and shows.

Furthermore, as an artist, Phenom has achieved great heights. He has been featured in articles depicting his story, being a young kid to a successful young minority entrepreneur. Currently, Phenom is primarily focused on fulfilling his dream of owning his own company, So Phenomenal Entertainment. Within So Phenomenal Entertainment he has partnered with KatieKay Photography, owned by Katerina Koufalis, an extremely talented photographer from the Queens, NY. At this point, we don’t know if the sky is high enough to describe the potential for Phenom. But, since it is a marking point, we can set it as a goal that will soon be reached by Phenom and So Phenomenal Entertainment.

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