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Peyton Glynn or better known as PG is a hip-hop artist out of Murray, KY. Originally from Louisiana, PG moved to Kentucky while entering the 6th grade. He had always been a huge fan of rap music and with his dad having such a musical past, he knew he was going to do something with Hip-Hop. As a freshman, PG and friend ITG would hang out and freestyle a lot for fun during their free time. It wasn’t until PG’s sophomore year that he got really serious about his music. Only being 6 months since he dropped his first single, PG has gone on to release one mixtape and other singles totalling at 20 songs. Along with ITG, he created a fan base and rap group called Diamond Squad or DSME (Diamond Squad Music Empire). PG now has a song with famous canadian rapper Dave Mac, and also is working with famous producer Jstaffz on some new upcoming projects. He has many fans all across the eastern US as well as internationally. Only 2 months from being 18 and a junior in highschool, PG has huge things ahead of him down the road.

You can follow him on Twitter @LSUpeyton21 and on Instagram @real_dsme.

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