Petra Jarrar, A Knack For Writing


Classically trained and winner of national/international piano, violin, and composition competitions, Petra Zarah Jarrar is a singer/songwriter that resides in the West Village and who has performed at venues across the New England region. Her brother taught her to play the piano at the age of two by putting her fingers onto the keys. Subsequently, she learned how to play guitar on a Fender Strat when she was six herself. Her love for opera and musicals inspired her to learn how to sing.

Petra always had a knack for writing and at the age of 12 she began writing her own music. Her interest in writing music led her to learn how to record her own songs on Garageband. She created a mini-recording studio inside of her walk-in closet in her family’s home where she recorded demos, many of which may make an appearance on her first EP. Now, Petra has been a recording at various studios all throughout New York City with a myriad of award-winning producers.

Petra also plays at various open mics in NYC and is currently working on releasing her first EP which will feature five of her own original songs.

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