Petey Popoff, Popular Demand

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Bursting onto the music scene at the young age of 14, Petey Popoff has proven time after time that he has the talent and perseverance to be a legitimate force in the music industry as a songwriter, recording artist, producer, and entrepreneur. Undeniably talented, Petey was picked up by the group Badd Influinz and began to tour throughout the state of Texas with Lowrider Magazine and Tejano Tours Car Show Circuits. This opportunity allowed Petey to gain the experience by opening for major label acts like SPM and Kumbia Kings. From that moment, Petey made a name for himself with his powerful delivery and witty vernacular.

After accomplishing several successful tours, Petey ventured off on his own to build his own image and identity starting from ground zero. In an effort to expand, Petey founded his own record label, Interstate Entertainment, and formed the group known as High Society and its counterpart Chain Gang. Petey’s first solo release, “Truth Be Told,” gained a new measure of success for Petey and was followed by the mixtape release of “Brooklyn Bully Mixtape Volume 1” and label mate Roc Carder’s debut mixtape “The Street’s Associate.” Continuing to amaze the Hip-Hop world and the music industry, a new year would see the emergence of a completely new sound for Petey Popoff with the smash album release “Make It Happen” and the first single “Get It In.”

Most recently Petey Popoff released his new album “Full Circle,” which garners two #1 singles (KAZI 88.7 FM): “Let The Music Do The Talking” and “WHOA!” The well-rounded album has gained much attention in the industry and has landed Petey Popoff a major marketing and distribution deal with Tate Music Group. The new project titled “Popular Demand” is set for release in 2015.

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