Personius, High Aspirations


Personius is a rapper hailing from the small Northern California town of Sonora. He always loved and was influenced by music, even from a very young age, and played both the piano and violin throughout childhood before taking sports more seriously in high school. At the same time that he began to focus on playing competitive year-round water polo, Personius began to be enamored by rap. Artists like Del Tha Funkee Homosapien piqued his interest before beginning to obsessively memorize the lyrics of Jay-Z, Eminem, Atmosphere, Nas, and more.

Personius began writing his own raps at the age of 16 when simply memorizing others’ lyrics no longer posed the same challenge that it once did. He continued doing nothing but write free-form raps as a hobby while attending the University of California Davis as an undergraduate student studying community and regional development. However, as his days as a student were beginning to be numbered and following a knee injury, he decided to pursue rap seriously and started by buying a microphone and practicing recording himself while learning to make beats as well.

Personius graduated from school with a Bachelor’s of Science in December of 2014 and recently released his second small project titled “I’m a Rapper EP.” He has been performing in and around the Bay Area and Sacramento. Personius has high aspirations when it comes to music and is working toward eventually releasing a full debut LP. In the meantime, he is working on a music video and is constantly working on new music along with his friend, rapper, and producer Toeach Theron.

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