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A lyricist is defined as a person who puts poetic lines to a musical piece. Anyone can make music but not everyone can be a true lyricist. Born April 8th in the late 80s in Southeast San Diego, James Robinson, Pedalay, exclaims to have seen too much in such a short time. “The ups and downs, struggles and politics, are where all my pain comes from. Then I turn the pain into energy, then the energy into music.”

From being a high school dropout at 17 to becoming a father and having to start real life shortly after that, it seems that Pedalay has definitely seen his share of struggle. Needless to say, the struggle for this young entrepreneur is nowhere close to an end.
At 29 Pedalay has dove head first into the shark infested waters of the music industry. Followed by his independently owned record label, Smoke Break Records, Pedalay has definitely got his work cut out for him.

“Being an artist and molding artists cannot be the same task. Commit to one or the other,” is the advice that Pedalay shares. He’s been interested in music since a very young age and listening to anything his ears would pick up as his father played everything from funk to gangster rap. “I remember being 8 and my grandma telling me I can’t see my dad because he let me dub Dr. Dre’s The Chronic onto a blank tape to play in my Walkman at school.” Listening to Dr. Dre didn’t corrupt Pedalay’s mind as much as it actually inspired him.

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