Palatine’s Music Spans Across Many Genres

Palatine is coming into the music industry with hot beats and lyrics. Add to that a stunning stage presence, this Philly based artist’s style is unforgettable and undeniable. The locals are digging this fresh style and only the best is yet to come. Palatine has a gusto about his work that goes unmatched to others. It’s that enthusiasm that’s the platform to his success.

Finding influence early on from Mariah Carey, he now finds inspiration in music all over and in all walks of life and on many levels of success. Palatine is a tenor, a bandleader, a pianist, and a songwriter who’s been working as a musician since 2007. “People have said that my music spans a wide range of genres. I like to look at it all like a grand feast. Nobody has Thanksgiving with only one dish. So why does the industry demand musicians to squeeze themselves into one genre?,” he points out.

Palatine sung in internationally touring choirs and acapella groups which planted seeds of confidence and self-belief. As the band leader he looks forward to what is in store and is thankful for where he’s at now. In June 2017 his band is slated to release their first EP entitled Run With Me. They’ve also filmed their first music video with Emmy Award winning producer Rodney Whittenberg and Emmy Winning editor Isaac Mell and Chris Cole. The savvy musical genius of Benjamin Yoblick co-wrote the title track “Run With Me.”

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