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“Ask yourself what you bring to the table before you sit down and eat.” – Vandal

In 2002, artist Vandal’s brother Sheldon Fazande aka Outrageous, was murdered in the streets of Inglewood, California. “We had dreams of making it big in the music industry until his life was cut so short and so suddenly. We hung out together out at Venice beach the day before he was killed. He talked to me like he knew he was going to die. The more I look back it he shared things with me the day before his murder that he had never shared with me before. We made a pact that whatever happens to keep the dream alive and to never give up on it. I must admit that I have had several of occasions where I wanted to throw in the towel, and each time I have attempted to do so Outrageous comes to me in a dream and it always relates to our pact of continuing to do music until we make it.”

After Outrageous was killed Vandal went into a depression that caused him to not want to do music anymore. That very night Outrageous came to him in a dream, and let him know that he is still there not just in a physical form. After that dream Vandal had a sense of urgency which took hold of him and he hasn’t let up since. He went into the studio and in 3 days recorded 13 songs and released Vandalism Vol.1. The album garnered much attention. Vandal was offered a deal but declined due to the conflicts of interest within the contract. After the decline of the deal Vandal decided to start his own indie Label and named it Outrageous Records in memory of his brother Outrageous. In 2008 Vandal recorded a song for the Los Angeles Lakers called “We Lakers” The Anthem. Joe Grande, formerly of Power 106FM now with 570AM KLAC the “Laker Station”, was instrumental in getting this song played on the air. As was DJ Coke-E, who is one of the hottest DJ’s around on Power 106FM in Los Angeles. The song garnered major attention and received spins on major radio stations such as Power 106FM and Ryan Seacrest in the morning on 102.7FM KIIS. Vandal will be releasing his new LP entitled “No Parables” in the coming months. He just recorded his first video for his single “Spotlight.” This is an artist going places, stay tuned.

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Vandal – Spotlight

Vandal – We Lakers

Vandal – Just Like Your

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