Outisder, Street Lights


Outisder is a new band with old players comprised of members from bands that made a pretty good name for themselves in the Toronto scene in the mid 2000’s. Outsider has drawn its inspiration from their eclectic music tastes and formed a sound that draws from pop to hard rock to ambient arena rock. Vocalist Tommy Dillon has found a way to mix a style of singing that is catchy and poppy but still fairly aggressive and poignant. Evan who plays guitar and sings conjures up a variety of ambient riffs, and in-your-face driving guitar playing that captures your attention right away. Alex Jamieson on bass can stay in the pocket or make you groove with his what seems like limitless ability. And Mitch Heron on drums hits hard, hits fast, and it’s always on point.

In October of 2015 Outsider released a 3 song EP that hits you with impactful lyrics and catchy riffs that grab you right from the beginning of each track. The lyrics speak of a very powerful journey of overcoming odds and redemption that vocalist Tommy Dillon has gone through which makes the music that much more powerful. Their music video for “Street Lights” has created a lot of positive buzz for the track as well as the band itself. Outsider shows no sign of slowing down and they refuse to stop writing new music and perfecting their sound.

Setting their eyes on southern Ontario and playing as many shows as they possibly can, they have proven that their sound can mesh well in any musical environment. They can fit in anywhere and they will make sure they are remembered with their incredibly tight live show that consists of flawless harmonies and an infectious energy. Outsider is definitely not a band to be missed. Keep your eyes open for these guys. Toronto’s Outsider will make their way to you one way or the other.

Official website: www.outsiderto.bandcamp.com


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