Orange Elixir, An Intoxicating Brew

Audra Page

One day two musicians decided, “Never mind the rest of the world, let’s start a project to play the music we want to hear.” Orange Elixir was born, an intoxicating brew that combines soul, indie pop, and electronic musical styles conjuring up visions of seductive nights and emotional experiences in exotic lands.

The reclusive and mysterious mastermind behind this invention was Maestro Sidereus (aka) Richard Stoops, a self-taught drummer and engineer from the heart of America. He keeps his pulse on the rhythms of society and translates it into their tracks. He has been involved in several creative and technical projects including support for Bongo Boy Music and engineering a DVD for the award-winning artist Suzanne Ciani. He not only sets the stage for the production of the project’s music but also plays acoustic and electronic drums,  depending on what is called for both in studio and at live performances.

Miss Audra Page, the partner in crime of Maestro Sidereus, provides vocals and lyrics to his tunes. Audra has been involved in many different styles of music over the years. She was a prominent performer in the Seattle cabaret and burlesque revival including performing with real life twin sister as the Titillation Twins. In addition to being a fan of all things retro, Miss Page loves electronic music and has enjoyed performing improvisational sets with DJs at rave and club venues. She currently is also working with drum and bass producer CJ Cosmos on some killer dance tracks as her alter ego, Angel Alabaster. Check it out on Soundcloud.

Orange Elixir already has many exciting things coming up including shows throughout the Pacific Northwest this summer, a remix of their song “Restless” on the Uniting Souls music label, and a video for their song “Wake Up” that will be a noir mystery.

Visit Orange Elixir on their Official Website and Facebook.

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