“One Of A Kind Studio Sessions” With The Hood Internet

As part of Dr Pepper’s One Of A Kind Studio Sessions, the beverage brand teamed up with Chicago-based production duo The Hood Internet for a special EP, entitled Out Of The Ordinary, which features exclusive tracks from four up-and-coming artists—each boasting talent that makes them “One of a Kind.” The producer duo had the opportunity to get into the studio with each individual artist to whip up a truly unique track—including sessions with singer Tinashe, indie rock/electronica hybrid Robert DeLong, RAC and MMG’s Rockie Fresh. “What makes Hood Internet one of a kind is that if we get into the studio with an emcee or a guitarist or a beatsmith, we know how to work with them, and blend what we want to make with what they are best at doing,” says The Hood Internet. For DeLong, he credits his uniqueness to his performance. “I guess what makes me one of a kind is my unique live performance,” DeLong says, “which puts me somewhere between the world of DJ and band.”, while Tinashe says it’s her level of dedication to her craft. “What makes me one of a kind is my ambition to be so creative and hands on with my project(s),” she explains. “It’s been a learning process—learning how to incorporate other people’s opinions into what I’m doing.” RAC, on the other hands, says it’s about being yourself. “So often, people get caught up with imitating the latest trends. The key to longevity as an artist is to really be yourself.” Rockie Fresh stays true to who he is, no matter how far he comes. “I just stay true to my lifestyle and the struggles that I had. If you stay true to that…you can’t help but be your own person.” In addition to The Hood Internet, master producers RZA and David Andrew Sitek, created tracks with the individual artists as well, resulting in a trio of unique four-track EPs—12 new tracks from 12 different collaborations. Download The Hood Internet’s Out Of The Ordinary EP and watch the duo’s sessions with Tinashe and Robert DeLong below.

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