O’Mega Red, Red October


“My style of music is a blend of my life experiences.”

As music artist, producer, and arranger, O’Mega Red has refined his blend of reality Rap that has earned him critical acclaim and wide spread appeal. O’Mega has an infectious charisma on and off stage and is known for his dynamic live performances, whether he is backed by DJs or rock bands. It is fitting that O’Mega was born in the cradle of independence and freedom, Boston, Massachusetts. Into this world was born a person who would not only be a free independent rapper with his own unique style but also a vibrant successful entrepreneur. Like his namesake, mutant X-Men, O’Mega is making it with his dynamic lyrics and awesome beats which cripple any of his adversaries and win over audiences worldwide.

O’Mega Red’s formative years were in a large household surrounded by music and many shared intimate moments with his parents and two siblings. He began rapping with his cousin and honed his rapping skills with Air Force friend Jeff Rivera who grew up with members of the Wu Tang Clan. This enlightening experience would take him through an extraordinary musical sojourn into the labyrinth of Hip Hop culture. After a making bad choices that landed O’Mega in jail for a variety of charges, he admits the time spent locked up probably saved his life. Now O’Mega is building a brand and lifestyle, and developing other artists for his Boston, New York, and Los Angles based independent record label and entertainment Management Company.

In 2008, O’Mega recorded the single Turn It Around” featuring Ray J which became an instant hit. He then followed up with four singles: “I’m A Problem,” “Endz,” “Blow It All,” and “Sucka Free” produced by Young Money producer Noel “Detail” Fisher. O’Mega’s forthcoming album, “Red October,” has features with living legend KRS One for the single “Hip Hop” produced by Duane “Da Rock” Ramos. He also collaborated with late legendary Donna Summer and Ed O G. His unquestionable lyrical astuteness, musical virtuosity, and adroit stage and performance presence places him at the apex of rappers in the Hip Hop community.

Official website: www.staygrindin.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/omegared
Vevo: www.vevo.com/artist/omega-red

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