ODrama Rush Sees His Music From Beginning To End

With unrivaled music talent, ODrama Rush’s gaining recognition in the music business and is making a name for himself. With innovative and vanguard lyrics to impactful performances and styles, this STATE based artist’s music is speaking for itself. Don’t sleep on ODrama Rush because the musician has music set for release that’s unexpected.w

This artist from Cairo, IL started making beats when he was 15. He goes on to mention, “My little brother liked to freestyle, it kinda fell in our hands. We never thought about being in the music business, we just loved doing music. I’ve produced over ten underground mixtapes so far. I do a little bit of everything with music. I’ve shot and edited videos. I’m an engineer, and I find other talent as well as manage artists locally.”

ODrama Rush has opened for 2 Chains, Playa Fly, The Joker, and All Star. Above all, performing with Coast 2 Coast was a memorable experience. Currently he has 3 mixtapes complete and just brainstorming what’s next.

Official website: www.rushboyent.com

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