Nynestar, The Newest Sensation


“Ghana was like a cultural melting pot for music, we heard everything … but it was obvious that I was mainly influenced by Hip Hop.”

Northwest London native Nynestar (99 The Born Star) is a UK Hip Hop artist with impeccable lyrical skill and an amazing flow that is going to make him the newest sensation to hit the scene. Having admitting to a fascination with words and meanings from an early age and a heavy eclectic musical influence which he owes to his father who used to be musician in an Afro-beats/Funk band in the 1980s, he was exposed to all sorts of musical styles and genres which has influenced his style. Although born in the UK, he lived in Ghana from the ages 7 to 15 where he discovered his talent for rapping at the age of 9 and has been evolving ever since.

Upon returning to the UK, Nynestar discovered UK Garage but took mainly to Grime (a more raw-underground-street-wise genre which evolved from UK Garage) that further influenced his style. He dubs his style Boom-Trap Grime, a fusion on of Boom Bap Hip Hop/Trap/Grime with a touch of Soul and Reggae. Nynestar has worked with producers Mumdance, Fuse ODG, and his label mate Muscles Beats. Additionally he has performed live at open mic event Hip Hop Nation 28 (now known as Lyrically Gifted) and has opened up for acts such as DJ Luck and MC Neat in 2013.

Nynestar has a versatile range of styles and expresses himself in a way everyone relates to. After years of silence and hardship, it is clear his time is now and this wordsmithing is taking off to another level by releasing his first single entitled “MC.” It’s a song where he displays his ability with a fusion of beat boxing that brings the original feel of what a Hip Hop/Rap record should be like. Over the production of his label mate and producer Muscles Beats, Nynestar delivers raw-aggressive but intelligent lyrics that keeps the listener locked in.

Official website: www.nynestar.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/nynestar-mc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nynestar
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/nynestaraka99dabornstar
Twitter: www.twitter.com/NynestarMC


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