NXICON’s Love For The Game

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N X I C O N originally came to Atlanta from Grand Rapids, Michigan where he got his start in entertainment. He started writing poetry in school and became involved in a few neighborhood groups before pursuing solo success. He ventured into Rap from freestyling and battling other rappers at parties in Grand Rapids and Lansing, becoming a favorite in clubs and festivals. He signed with KJ Records but left soon after due to lack of promotions, eventually becoming more and independent. N X I C O N cites artists such as Ice Cube, NWA and 2 Pac, and a slew of others as major influences to his style of music. Along with his music, N X I C O N has ventured into acting having appeared as DJ Kornbred in an episode of the Rickey Smiley Show, and in other major and independent films. He’s also performed in a variety of stage plays and continues to do so. N X I C O N tries to use his talents and voice to make the world face the poverty and drugs and crime that permeates his environment with the hopes of trying to steer others away from that dangerous lifestyle. An accomplished author, N X I C O N penned the gangster novels “Love For The Game” with the third and final installment due next year. He’s come from obscurity and negativity to become a positive influence and role model. He pursued a music career as an escape from the streets and has now become one of the many voices to the plight of the inner city.

N X I C O N has three releases DOD II:REQUIEM featuring the hits “Love For The Game” and “Somebody”, NXICON: The MIXTAPE featuring “Get Dat Money” and “Scorpio” which was release in 2013. He’s currently in the studio recording his next project to be hopefully completed by November. He’s also working on a web series formatted after “Love For The Game” and hopes to bring that out in 2015.

You can check out N X I C O N on his website isharinman.wix.com/nxicon, as well as on ReverbNation at reverbnation.com/nxicon, and on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/nxicon. You can also follow him on Instagram @NXICON, and Twitter @NXICON

NXCION – Get Dat Money

NXICON – Love 4 Da Game

NXICON – Somebody

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