Nova Mandarke, ClubHouse Empire


“A 90’s baby to the core, I just love hip-hop music. I’m here to make sure people know New York City still makes great music.”

Born in the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, Nova Mandarke is very familiar with great music. His mother would blast Hot 97 during Saturday cleaning exposing him to the music of the greats. Originally from Harlem, his family moved to the Lower Manhattan when he was 3. Living next door to the well known Palladium nightclub, it was very normal to see such hip-hop artists as Naughty By Nature, Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang, and many of the big stars of the early 90’s. Even giving some dap to Biggie Smalls himself.

He would define himself as a “backpack artist” while listening to the likes of Drake in his underground years, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Slum Village, and The Cool Kids. These artists are what make Nova Mandarke such a special artist. They inspired him and helped create a brand of music like known other.

Now with a newly formed company, ClubHouse Empire, where he joins Harlem based trio Club Hou$e and a good reception to his two singles “Superstar” and “Hey Love,” Nova Mandarke looks to continue building his fan base with a diverse EP titled “Rich Kids.” Look for that in early 2015.

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