Northside Tye, A Unique Voice Style


Northside Tye a 22 year old female artist originally from NE Washington, D.C. Her stage name comes from the area she was raised and Tye was a nickname since child hood. She had a passion for music from an early age. She used to perform music she wrote in front of family at reunions. She comes from an area of legends such as Marvin Gaye who is remembered at the recreation a block down from her house where she grew up. She had the pleasure of working with Robert Honuable, who she is close friends with. Robert is a legend in the music industry. He worked with Sony records, he was the first black engineer for CBS, and he work with people such as Bob Marley.

Tye has a unique voice style and gesture about her. Her word play is crazy and her delivery is different but exciting. She is an independent artist out of Columbia S.C where she currently lives. Columbia is her second home. This where the movement began.

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