Noltac, Making Noise


Born and raised in the DMV (DC, MD, and VA), Noltac, from elementary school, participated in band class every year because music became his outlet at a very young age. His ear was tuned differently than my classmates growing up and attributes that to his mother’s side of our family for being very musically inclined. While he was exposed to Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, and Oldies, Noltac would take the time to listen to what his peers were not listening to; he’d listen to Techno, Classical, Country, Jazz, and more.

His band director in high school was Noltac’s inspiration to pursue a music career and made the decision at 15 to go full time and become a composer/producer. He studied at Nyack College in NY and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music Composition. After living in NY for 3 years after graduation, he returned back home to the DMV due to financial difficulties and not having the resources to help pursue his dream. Once Noltac found work, he devoted his time and finances to support the dream.

All of the music Noltac has created is independently funded and produced. As of right now, he’s on the go-go band circuit in the DMV with plans to create an instrumentally fueled album within the next year funded and produced solo. What Noltac has learned so far about his musical career is that if no one gives you the opportunity, create it for yourself. If no one can see you, make as much noise as possible. Somebody will see you and take notice of what you have to offer.

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