No Brainz, Back To Real Lyricism


No Brainz is not your usual LA hip hop artist who popped out of nowhere. He is a true lyricist whose goal is to open the eyes of the world’s youth to what is really going on around them. Never by any means is he another backpack rapper or wanna-be gangster rapper, but can have people replaying entire songs just to hear one dope bar. No Brainz grew up in Inglewood CA where he took his real life experience and put it to a beat. Writing rhymes since he was able to recognize his first rhyme scheme, No Brainz takes his idea of the world’s current state and presents it in a manner understandable to those from backgrounds as diverse as Indian immigrants to South Central LA natives.

At the moment No Brainz is working with Krewmuzak as a full fledged member of the Krew out of Inglewood, CA. He has performed at house parties in Los Angeles and Diamond Bar as well as a few bars and grills in Hollywood. Right now he is constantly writing and recording new material for his next mixtape which is dropping soon. The “Saturday Morning Cartoons” mixtape is up now on

No Brainz’s plan for the future is to not only bring the real hip hop scene back to Inglewood, CA, but to change people’s perception of what it is to be not only a true emcee, but a real hip hop artist. He hopes to one day bring people from economic backgrounds similar to his back to real lyricism.

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