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Frances Nikita Lee, Nikita Totoka, is a 19 year old R&B singer born on February 27th 1995 in South Korea and lived in Fiji for a couple of years with her mother. Shortly after 7 years her parents divorced and she moved back to South Korea to live with her father and grandmother. She is the youngest, multiracial girl, out of the three children her father has. She struggled and used to be bullied by Korean kids for being mixed so she used music as an escape. She has always been infatuated by music and wanted to be a singer ever since she was young, but school came first. While at school a coach offered her a position to join one of the greatest middle/high school Judo teams which she participated in for two years.

She realized that Judo wasn’t what she wanted to do and she stopped at the age of 14 and started focusing on her voice. She started out by singing covers to songs from some K-pop artists and Beyonce who was the biggest influence on her career starting. She was easily discouraged when she had no support behind her and soon after she stopped she went down the wrong path. By the age of 17 she dropped out of high school and got mixed with the wrong crowd and was exposed to violence, alcohol, and drugs. The bad cycle she was in came to a complete stop and she changed her ways when she met Jaquan “2up 2down” Grant from the rap group Da Rookiez; after a year of friendship the two started dating and shortly after they were married.

The pair then moved to Columbus, GA where her music career continued and she began singing covers again. Then she recorded her version to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” where she received positive feedback and support. At this moment she is busy working on her music and her clothing line FXREIGN which is set to be available soon. She admits to being shy and her character is laid back. Her vocal skills are very original and she is the first singer-songwriter of the independent record label ROE Records.

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