Nightime, MI-6


Nightime, the lyrical monster born and raised in Harlem New York, is the mastermind behind the hip hop group MI-6 (Music Innovators). He combines comedic satire with a witty flow that rivals story lines of Slick Rick while maintaining the roughness and hardcore value of New York City streets. Nightime has been called the ultimate performer & one of best mc/hype man in the industry. His energy on stage electrifies crowds of all ages throughout the nation. He is also well known for creating & hosting showcases, parties, concerts, & celebrity fashion events in six different states. He’s received write ups on websites like Global grind & Deal with no Deal as well as being featured on Boothburners dvd, Noe TV, DTF Radio, Real Talk Radio 101, & IT TV to name a few. After being a solo artist & part of a couple of groups, Nightime found his place in hip hop!

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