Nicole Tamayo, Never Stop Growing


“You can’t win this kind of race while running in place. Always re-create yourself.”

Nicole Tamayo is a respected Bay Area singer and songwriter. She is known for her versatile writing styles and er ability to take each song and make it her own. She is known for many different styles of music, but her main focus is R&B and Soul. Nicole has been singing and writing professionally for the last two decades. She has many Influences but her biggest are Lana Del Rey, Esthero, Lauryn Hill, and Eyraku Badu. After spending several years working on her craft she formed bands such as Miramar (a Soul-Alternative band) and Love Before Hang Over (a Hip Hop and R&B band) where she was the lead singer and songwriter. She has collaborated with many different styles of talents such as dancers, DJs, singers, and rappers. Included is music for NuBiAh with Tommy Lee Jones, which is a stage play musical and book that inspires African-American children and youth to develop a strong sense of identity and to reach their fullest potential.

Nicole was born in Los Angeles, California in a small town called Glendora and is the middle child of seven. At an early age, Nicole began her singing career in middle school choir. She already knew exactly what she wanted to do and continued performing in award winning choirs in high school and entering as many talent competitions as she could until she knew she wanted to be a solo recording artist. Reaching out on her own to local artists, she started to discover her own style that she found in herself.

From free styling on tracks, to writing for other artists, and expressing herself through song, Nicole has since been working on developing herself as an aspiring singer. She feels as an artist you never stop growing and never stop opening yourself up to growth.

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