Nicole Dion, Tonight


Nicole Dion is a singer/songwriter and artist born in Charleston, SC, raised in central Florida, and currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. Nicole developed her talent in music as a child discovering her natural ability to play songs by ear on instruments such as violin, trumpet, and piano. Nicole then began songwriting and shortly after high school she developed herself as an artist. After high school, Nicole moved to Los Angeles to pursue music. She appeared on MTV’s pilot “My Own” and met notable names such as Warren G and attended live studio sessions.

Throughout the years, Nicole worked with established producer DJ Chill Chill from the Original Lench Mob. Not only was he her producer, but her mentor as well. DJ Chilly Chill produced “Tonight,” n R&B record 100+ DJ’s from the West Coast, East Coast, Southern states, and all the way in London vouched as a hit record.

“Tonight” is currently aired weekly on 90.4 WHOA FM in London by DJ KC and various college and online stations such as 91.5 WPRK, K-100, and Rev-up radio to name a few. Nicole has developed her own individuality by combining her enticing tone of voice from R&B with an EDM sound. Nicole is currently in the process of recording all new music and collaborating with up and coming EDM DJs and various artists.

Learn more about Nicole Dion on her Official Artist Website, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @NicoleDionMusic, and like her on her Official Facebook Page.

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