Nicky Will, Breaking Into The Spotlight


Nicky Will, Nick Hargarther, is a suburban-white rapper from Rochester, New York currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a teenager, Nicky began artfully crafting a unique style of lyrical flow to accommodate his in-your-face delivery drawing inspiration predominantly from the likes of mainstream performers such as Eminem, Asher Roth, and Ludacris. Nicky’s first album, self-titled, was released independently having been written and produced completely by Nicky himself. The project was well received by local critics prompting Nicky to immediately begin work on the 2010 release of his second full length album, “On A Mission.” Utilizing the exposure opportunities of social networks the album’s breakout single, holding the same name, gained recognition from top promoters in Upstate New York, offering Nicky various opportunities to perform alongside top touring industry acts such as The Cataracs, Maino, Donnie Klang, MC Lars, and Hoodie Allen.

After taking some time in 2011 to perform and promote himself as an artist within the underground rap scene, Nicky began constructing his most recent project, the “Write Around The Block” mixtape. Wanting to make a true impact on the hip-hop community, Nicky wrote and produced the album to take influence from the roots of jazz, folk rock, and blues blending it with the contemporary sounds of today’s rap. With the mixtape’s digital release in summer of 2012, Nicky was praised equally for his matured sound and the creativity of the instrumentals by a variety of critics in producers, DJs, artists, and most importantly his fans.

Having successfully generated an underground buzz for his work, Nicky has since begun to gauge the interest of recognized talent management companies, agents, and producers. Taking advantage of the opportunity in fall of 2012, Nicky moved to a larger market in Atlanta, Georgia working closely with top artist developers helping to ensure his upcoming breakout into the national spotlight.

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