Neno, Diddy Whop


It is a rare occasion when a new artist has a debut single that has a mesmerizing and memorable hook that will pull even the harshest critic in. It is even rarer to find one that is not signed to a major label. But it is almost an anomaly to have one with all these qualities that has potentially made the next dance craze, and Hip-Hop recording artist, Neno, did just that.

His “Diddy Whop” song was such a local hit that he put it on both his debut mixtape, Neno’s World Volume 1 and his follow up mixtape, Neno’s World Volume 2. To top things off, the double release allowed Neno to peak at number 1 on the Reverbnation local charts.

Despite his ingenious construction of his first single, this budding superstar had humble beginnings. Growing up in an impoverished section of the Bronx, Neno had to navigate through gangs and violence while still getting an education. Music was actually never a focus of his until he moved to Central Islip, NY and joined his high school choir. Neno credits his high school music choir director for opening his eyes to the beauty and importance of music and setting him on a path to pursue music as a lifelong career.

Neno currently resides in Southern Florida where he continues to make Indie Hip-Hop dance hits. If he keeps it up, he will soon be in the ranks of Hip-Hop greats such as Jay-Z and Kanye West. “Diddy Whop” is available to download on ITunes as well as the full Neno’s World Volume 2 mixtape.

Learn more about Neno on his official artist website.


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