NCflows, Reputation


Nicholas Crivolio, NCflows, born and raised in Bartlett IL (a suburb outside of Chicago), is a 16 year old hardworking songwriter/Rap artist. NCflows first started his journey 4 years ago listening to Hip Hop and beginning to write as a way to express himself and have fun. It quickly turned into something to take seriously and was soon referred to a local studio by a fellow musician named PMstudio’s.

NCflows released his first song “Reputation” on Soundcloud last year and the track quickly gained attention and blew up across his high school and surrounding towns. After realizing how much people enjoyed listening to his music, NCflows hit the studio a few more times and continued to pursue his dream of writing and making music. He tries to bring something new to the table in every song with a wide variety of styles. Some songs will be softer and sung, others will be harder and turn-up any party it plays at.

NCflows is now finishing up his first mixtape “Reputation” that will be released sometime mid-summer 2015 and will feature a collection of some already created songs and also completely new content.


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