Nate Flud, Lyrical Density

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Photography by Nicholas Buchanan

Nate Flud is an indie/hip hop artist currently in Los Angeles, California whose content contains dense lyrics tracing back to his experiences in life, his points of views, his thoughts, and his feelings. Each song contains truth, meaning, and value. His music will definitely give your ears a coloring book to do what you will with. So color inside or outside of the lines, it’s up to you.

2015 was a great year for Nate Flud as he released 2 full length albums and he’s getting 2016 started off right with a new full length album coming out late January or early February.

Nate Flud’s latest release on Soundcloud, the track “This Is Mine (What Is Yours),” has a tight flow with serious lyricism. His project Short Breath, Loud Scream… is also streaming on Soundcloud and it features 8 tracks for your listening pleasure. If streaming doesn’t satisfy those ear buds of yours, head on over to Bandcamp to stream and purchase his music.

Official website:
Facebook: @TheRealNateFlud


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