Narcotics Anonymous, The Awakening


Narcotics Anonymous is a hip hop group from north of the border in Windsor, Ontario, Canada that consists of 2 artists, Deranged and Savage One, who both are battle rappers and graffiti artists. The duo has dealt with overcoming drug addiction and criminal activity and are now taking all of their negatives and turning them into positives through music and art.

Both Deranged and Savage One have been killing the battle scene and are a part of Battle Axe Warriors. As a most recent highlight, the duo has opened for Madchild and have tons of upcoming shows where they will be opening I.L.A.M alongside Kap Kallous and bigger names they don’t want to reveal just yet.

On tap for Narcotics Anonymous is the upcoming mixtape The Awakening, two music videos, and work will begin on a full length album. To hold them through they will be honing their skills via shows and battles, making themselves known by making appearances and features.

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