Mystic Dub, Love For All


Mystic Dub is a band on the all love mission with a sound that’s a fusion of roots, dancehall, funk, jazz, and with an occasional Latin twist. The core members are Juan Carlos on the drum set with beats for days that you can “set a glass on” and vocals that shine; Estacks on bass – enough to make ’em move their waist; female lead vocalist and guitarist Reaiah True has a writing style that is heavy, catchy, and a voice to be heard.

Writing together, touring, and recording out of Michigan since 2005, Mystic Dub has stretched their live performance reach from Midwest (MI, IL, OH, WI, IN) to New York and the South (FL, TN, AR). Radio waves have been jamming Mystic Dub in Ethiopia, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, Japan, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Chile and more. The band’s goal is to perform live worldwide to share their positive message of love for all.

Mystic Dub is well known for performing off-the-cuff and capturing it on recording for the refining process. Always in a positive vibe, this music makes every crowd dance. At full production, Mystic Dub grows to a seven piece ensemble complete with three-piece horn section and keyboards. They’re on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bandcamp, and would love your follow and acquaintance.

Official website:
Soundcloud: @liondread-fm

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