Murk, Guinness Book Of World Records Record Holder


Murk is hip hop/rap artist from Texas who’s been an indie recording artist for 11 years and a performer for over 20 years. At 18 he joined the United States Air Force and at 28 he was sent to a Texas prison. Music is in his marrow, it’s a part of him that no matter how hard he tries to leave it alone the hunger always pulls him right back in. Murk has a unique voice and is a highly talented artist. His lyrics are meant for you to come into his world, his mental circus, and to vibe with him. He’s a mic breaker and one hard act to follow.

Murk can proudly say he’s a Guinness Book of World Records record holder along with 300 others for world’s longest cypher hosted by Barron Studios in Houston, TX in the summer of 2015. 300 vocalists contributed their own 16 bar versed for the 5 ½ hour long session that broke the previous record. He’s also worked with multiple platinum plaque producers as well.

He’s currently working on his debut solo album titled NPS that stands for No P*$$y Sh*t. His camp just wrapped up shooting the video for one of the songs off that album titled “Til The Wheels Fall Off” and will start shooting the next one shortly. His goal is to be able to make a living doing music and touring.

Official Website:
Reverbnation: murk409
Soundcloud: murk409

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