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MuGGz and his crew of versatile entertainers were born, not made. Remember this: they couldn’t give a fu** about the status quo. They lyrically piss on the notion that an artist must be purchased, shaped, coached, and otherwise groomed to assume a phony role to please the industry. Being true to their individual and collective stories is the central theme and message of the LTY Music Group. LTY is a multi-use acronym, which stands for a number of things. Primarily, it stands for Live Through Yours, meaning that no one else can ever really know what it’s like to be you. So just express your own experience and don’t fall victim to what others try to trap you into. It also stands for Love These Years, because you never know when it’s your time to go.

MuGGz personifies what today’s rap community has lost since its beginnings; swag, individuality, intelligence, and above all else, authenticity. MuGGz is not a flashy rapper with a hustle story. He is not a rapper-singer with a pop/rock-and-roll influence. He surpasses the title of “rapper”, MuGGz is a lyricist. Alongside producer and lyricist Tay Dayne (aka Taycelleus) and producer Stizzy D (aka Brickz), there is no stopping them.

“Every Millennium, a child is born that can perform beyond your average 4 minute and 32 second song” – Christopher “Big Punisher” Rios

Check out MuGGz and LTY Music on their website at You can listen to more by MuGGz on SoundCloud at

MuGGz – EnWhyCee

MuGGz – Free Gaza

MuGGz – 1 Shot

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