Mr. A, Martian Music


Mr. A was born in Germany and has always enjoyed music, from listening to his favorite songs to one day making others move along to his own groove. In 2004 Marvin and his family moved to Canada to live with his step-father, this is where his whole life changed. During Marvin’s first couple of months his love for music inspired him to join this Hip-Hop club at his elementary school. In this club the students would learn how to write, how to flow, how to freestyle, and learn about Hip-Hop culture. Marvin had always wanted to have a clear cut reason as to why he’s doing something and this is how he came up with his motto or slogan: Martian Music.

Mr. A originally was short form for his name Marvinnik Appiahene-Afriyie. After coming up with his slogan he re-evaluated his new moniker and decided to really make it stand out instead of it just being his name. After some soul searching and looking back on why he got into music it hit him, Mr.A will stand for “Musically Rising Above”. This helped him come up for a meaning to his phrase Martian Music drawing inspiration from Tupac’s “Thug Life.”

What is ‘Martian Music’ you ask? Well here it is: Martian Music is rising above your troubles, situations, and down coming through the means of education. Whether you are educated or not this doesn’t matter. It’s finding a way to be better than what you’re circumstances allow you to be. It’s realizing one’s true potential and pushing through the negatives that others have told you or showed to you. That is what the Martian stands for. What the music stands for is expressing yourself through any form that you are good at, whether it be graffiti, music, or dance. This is how you make yourself known to the world and this is how you want the world to see you!

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