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Montana Drama

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Montana Drama, also known as Drama, is well known in London and surrounding area of the UK. He’s loved music from an early age, listening to reggae and rap and all the stuff that was big in London in the early 90s. Growing up and in school in the early 90’s when rap started becoming more mainstream, he found a new love for rap as it was fresh and new and from USA. When he turned 16, he wrote his first ever 16-bars. Excited, he carried on from there, but it wasn’t until early 2000 when he got my chance in the studio. He carried on just perfecting his style until 2009 when he dropped his first album “Late Arrival”. His second album “Rd Life Music” came in 2010, and his “Who Do I Trust Me” in 2012. He has just dropped “Drama Vs Sinna” and “4th Dimension Time Travel 2014” so far this year and there are two more coming this year.

You can listen to more music by Drama on SoundCloud at

Montana Drama vs Sinna ft Airklipz – Trick Me

Montana Drama Ft. Sinna – Sumtin New

Montana Drama & K Wzrd – London City Crisis

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