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Gabriel White III, stage name Monsta KiD, grew up in the city of West Covina in Martin Luther King Hospital on June 20, 1993. With the impression of influential music from the 90’s, the art of rap became a priority in his life to create his own style and craft through his music. Always wanting to produce the best, but lacking in resources, he always made what he could with the opportunities that presented themselves to him and utilized each source to the best of his ability. After much distress, reality started to set in around him and he utilized these moments of vulnerability and with it the talent grew more and more.

Originally GMonsta, Monsta KiD was chosen to symbolize diversity. He’s known for his strength, wisdom, and desire to be a household name. His new and upcoming mixtape titled Vintage is a part of his 2nd official professional release; Quantum LEAP being his first dating back 1 year ago. True to his wordplay, he aims to be the best and wants you to chill out to a dope 420 song while he cooks up Vintage at Make Your Mark Studios ran by Modern Day Soulja who’s an artist featured on the song “Life’s Offer.”

Monsta KiD has released many Instagram posts hinting how soon Vintage will make its appearance. It’s felt that there is message in the music, but many would like to know what the method to his lyrical madness is.

Official website:
Facebook: @Monsta KiD
Twitter: @monstakid
Instagram: @monstakid93
Snapchat: @monstakidtrill
YouTube: @Monsta KiD


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