MSU, Monkey Swagg Union

msu cover

MSU (Monkey Swagg Union) is a hip-hop collective from NYC that specializes in music, art, and having fun. MSU started as an idea amongst some Brooklyn teens back in 2012. Officially established by Jamaal Clay (The Dude), the idea was to form a small community of artists in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn that would be able to collaborate and grow with each other in their passions. The group found unity in skateboarding, rapping, drawing, photography, and film.

After some roadblocks and changes in members, MSU reached stability in 2013 when they met The Phronetic, a Brooklyn producer willing help the group execute their ideas in music. Along with photographer Nahshon (Nae), the group finally reached a happy medium, releasing a steady flow of new music and art.

Complete with eight members, MSU is sure to relieve any hip-hop junkie that is looking for a sound that is fresh, yet reminiscent of 90s roots. One will also find cleverly made art, film, and photography to accompany the talented sounds. MSU boasts a strong lineup that is ready to tackle the underground hip-hop scene and beyond. Don’t miss out!

Learn more about MSU on the collective’s Official Facebook Page.

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