Money Mic, Club Lights


In the era of everyone pursing music, being unique and perfecting your own sound is a must and Money Mic has effortlessly perfected that. Always having a passion and drive for music, Money Mic began honing his craft at the tender of age of fourteen. He began his music career in a genre dear to his heart; rock, forming a group with his brother. They would devote hours on end to finding a sound that would separate them from the masses. Money Mic and his brother had a very promising career in the entertainment industry, even having some industry tastemakers take interest in their style.

Tragedy struck in 2004, resulting in the death of his brother. Never the one to be defeated by life’s problems, Money Mic devised a plan. Instead of pursing music in the rock genre, he began perfecting a different genre, Hip Hop. This proved to not only be the best move, but a lucrative one. Since switching his style he‘s been featured on Power 96 and 99 Jams with his smash single “More Like Me.” This victory wasn’t enough for him; he wanted to keep his brother’s legacy alive in a bigger way.

Money Mic returned back to the studio and came up with another club banger, “Club Lights.” This single has led him to multiple performances including a top ten spot in the South Florida Battle of the Crown. In early spring of 2015, he had the pleasure of leaving an everlasting impression on the judges at the One Shot in Miami. Keep your ears and eyes to the streets because Money Mic is the breathe of fresh air that the industry is looking for.

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