Money Made Slim, Audio Dope

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Born in El Paso, TX and relocated to Phoenix, AZ, Money Made Slim is a youngster who’s signed to Kings Gold Recordings based in Houston, TX. Growing up he listened to all types of music genres and as a youngster experienced the adversity of not having a father figure and living in the projects. As early as 14 he was the local weed man in the neighborhood.

Money Made Slim began his musical endeavor by writing songs for a young lady he was deeply in love with and from that relationship he fell in love music. He has been featured in many magazine’s including Houston’s New Houston Music Outlet Magazine.

His latest project titled J.E.T.S. 2 was released on Christmas Day 2015 and Money Made Slim is currently working on his upcoming project titled M.A.E. which stands for Musically. Artistically. Educated. The project will hit the public on May 5th. Money Made Slim is seeking to be an underground king and is pushing music as if it were dope labeling his work audio dope. He looks up to Curren$y and wants to be just as successful and more.

Twitter: @MoneyMadeSlim_
Instagram: @MoneyMadeSlim
Facebook: Money Made Slim
Soundcloud: moneymadeslim

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