Money And Family Musik Gang, Sacramento’s Powerhouse


Money And Family Musik Gang is a new powerhouse music group coming straight from East Sacramento, California consisting of 4 young, humble, and hungry recording artists with a work ethic like no other. They strongly believe that God, money, and family is the way of life and put nothing above them. The group was formed by CEO The Bratha, member of MAFMG group Get Money Boyz, and twin brother Lil Lv.

Rounding out the family are solo artists Omegga and Kidd Ru. Omegga is a MAFMG top recording artist who’s a hard and humble worker with the talent to be the next Biggie or Rick Ross. Kidd Ru is a talented artist who’s the latest addition to the roster ready to make an impact on today’s music scene and he recently released his first mixtape “The Kome Up.”

Be sure to learn more about family by following the group on social media, accessing their free downloadable music, and browsing their clothing attire. Google Money And Family Musik Gang is the gateway to their movement.

Official website:
Instagram: @Itsthegang_MAFMG


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