Modifyd, Xperience


Modifyed is an Austin, TX rapper/producer currently taking his career to a new level and getting ready to release his sophomore album “Xperience.” Modifyd the artist is of unique character and a fresh breath of music. While being known as a producer for some years in his early 20s, Modifyd has emerged as a talented rapper sticking to his roots of what makes music move you and feel good. Focused as a solo artist he produces his own work and has been known in the video game industry releasing a number 1 hit on EA’s All Points Bulletin. Performing all over the East coast spanning his creative music feel from New York down to Georgia, you can find him at Major festivals, radio station openings, and even halftime shows for the WNBA Atlanta Dream.

In 2009 Modifyd founded a team (Putting Our Dreams Into Reality) who now helps keep his movement of bringing great music to audiences all around the globe. Bringing a combination of rock, pop, dance, soul, and rap together to create his style of music gives fans of all ages and genres a chance to enjoy. Following the release of “Musical Photography” the “Xperience” album is sure to set new heights and bring out a diverse cultured world of music to rap.

Modifyd can be heard as a combine effort of Kanye West, Busta Rhymez, and Lupe fiasco rolled into one. You can indulged in all things Modifyd via Soundcloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, and Facebook.

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